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Embracing nature, adventure &


A bit about me, 

then it's entirely about you!

Fun facts about me:

  • I am originally from Switzerland, grew up in Malaysia for 12 years and now I am an Australian Citizen or better said "SwAussie"

  • I live 5 minutes away from the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, South West Victoria. I love where I live and think it has some of the most spectacular ceremony locations ever, especially in the Otway National Park

  • My tour guide name was Kanga Kim and my bus was called “Kanga Kim’s Hippy Happy Bus”

  • My favourite foods are blueberries, greek yogurt, pizza & hummus

  • Totally open to venturing into the unknown and pioneering new ideas, hence why this happened: I was the MC for a regional staffie and I used a glitter analogy to describe Covid. The feedback I got was overwhelmingly positive and Kelly said to me “you should become a celebrant”. 2 weeks later, I started the Cert. IV in Celebrancy course. And now, I am a registered civil marriage celebrant living in South West Victoria!

  • I love bubbles and bought a bubble machine for my 30th party; bubbles are suitable for all occasions!

  • My partner and I over-landed Southern Africa for 6 months with our own 4WD called Rafiki

  • I spend most of my time with animals and in the wilderness adventuring and exploring

  • My signature pose is throwing both my hands up in the air in a V shape

  • I am also a dog handler and work with conservation dogs

  • My most used phrases are "its amazing" and "its sooooo beautiful"

  • I am full of curiosity and ideas


My Values

  • Seeing possibilities in all situations and doing things to their fullest potential

  • Taking risks and saying YES to different opportunities

  • Doing things with enthusiasm & passion

  • Collaborating with others. ALWAYS.

  • Being guided by positivity

  • Trusting that there is always a solution

  • Living vibrantly

  • Doing things that are meaningful & purposeful

  • Being adaptable; I will embrace all styles and give everything a go! You have to welcome new things into your life regardless of how different it is to your norm

  • Thinking about the COLLECTIVE

  • Ubuntu - "I am because you are".

So, why am I a

Marriage Celebrant

  • To love and to be loved is the most natural and important thing in our lives. And as  a Marriage Celebrant I get to celebrate this with you to its fullest

  • Everything in life needs to be celebrated. Bringing celebration into our lives sparks so much excitement and joy. So, if I can facilitate that for and with others, then my heart feels full & flutters!

  • Friends have often called me their "cheerleader" as I love to cheer people on in their life ventures. As a Marriage Celebrant, I get to cheer you on into your life as a married couple. What a beautiful thing to do!

  • I love to celebrate things about other humans and to acknowledge and fuss over important chapters in people's life

  • I believe in meaningfulness and expressiveness. A Marriage Ceremony is exactly what this is about

  • I love travelling and connecting with people. Being a Marriage Celebrant means I get to discover new places in meaningful ways, connect with diverse people and have epic love stories to tell

  • I live on the Great Ocean Road and I have an entire collection of AMAZING ceremony locations at my doorstep. I am so passionate about the South West Victoria region and as a Marriage Celebrant I can't wait to share these with you if you are interested.

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