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A ceremony that will soar above the rest

Weddings in the Sky

Elevate your marriage to new heights with an unforgettable HELICOPTER WEDDING in the sky over the

Great Ocean Road and the iconic 12 Apostles

What is Weddings in the Sky?

A collaboration of genuinely passionate people, have collectively come together with their expertise to create an inspiring momentous celebration package, that in this ever-changing environment supports the shift of having more micro and intimate celebrations.

Anchor yourself in the moments and allow us to take care of the rest. 

This package  includes:

1-hour scenic helicopter flight with video

12 Apostles Helicopters


Authorised Marriage Celebrant

Celebrations with Kim Lynn


2-hour Wedding Photography Package

Chloe @MilkChic Creative


3-nights Luxury accommodation & local produce hamper

Anchors Port Campbell


* Packages can be tailored to your needs with optional extras


Take off on your scenic flight and enjoy the moment with your special bubble of people. The effervescent Kim Lynn will take care of the ceremony and Chloe will capture the magic of your memorable moments.


Immerse yourself in luxury accommodation at the award-winning Anchors Port Campbell for 3 nights during your love adventure, celebrating in a tranquil environment with panoramic views and full seclusion.


Why Celebrate in the Sky?

Embrace the utter freedom you have in creating your very own personalised and meaningful ceremony with a wedding in the sky. An intimate celebration, being captivated by the heart and soul of the Great Ocean Road. 12 Apostles Helicopters can tailor your flight plan from the dramatic coastline to the expansive fields below. In this way, moments of your wedding day are not just fleeting but they become fully lived experiences.


There is so much to celebrate. Indulge in the diverse region of the 12 Apostles and surrounds, where this wholesome experience will enrich who you will become together as a newly married couple. 

Celebrations with Kim Lynn

takes things to the next level

“Given that there are no limits to how people can get married in Australia, we want to maximise this potential and give people the opportunity to provide a unique option whilst still fulfilling the legal requirements to make it official.” 


"I am thrilled with the opportunity to be on this ride to share with you the grandeur of the Great Ocean Road and help officiate your marriage in the sky!  It will be the first of its kind for 12 Apostles Helicopters and the pilots are so eager to propel your next adventure into full motion. It doesn't quite get better than being on this exhilarating journey and getting married in the sky soaring over the 12 Apostles!"  

I can’t wait to ignite the next chapter in your adventures together...

in the Sky

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