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  • Kim Lynn Heinimann

How to build a strong connection with your celebrant

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💚 Choose a celebrant that shows a lot of curiosity, listens to your stories, asks a lot of questions & wants to align themselves with your visions, wants & needs

💚 Choose a celebrant that will do everything possible to bring your ceremony visions into fruition

💚 Express your expectations & what you are looking for in a celebrant

💚 Closely collaborate with your celebrant & spend time with them so they can get to know you

💚 Be open and share what matters to you, your values, world views, what you love, what you don't like, what annoys you, what triggers you, what makes you laugh. Share anything & everything that you wish

💚 Share what you like & don't like about weddings. Tell your celebrant exacty

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what you want & need.

💚 Be honest about what you don't know about weddings & marriage

💚 Communicate any anxieties or concerns you have about your wedding ceremony

💚 Be honest & direct. It isn't about the celebrant & at no point should the celebrant ever feel offended if you don’t like something they are suggesting or have written

💚 Have open & transparent communication

YOUR CELEBRANT IS WHO OFFICIALLY GETS YOU MARRIED & CREATES THE VIBE FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY! So, I think it's super important that the celebrant & couple have a good connection & can share the emotions together.

What are your expectations of your celebrant? Let's chat so we can see if we are a match, and if not I can help find you the right celebrant xxx

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