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Wedding tips & advice from married couples!

As a marriage celebrant Kim Lynn also offers the opportunity for a debrief/reflection phone call. This is beneficial for so many reasons as it gives first hand insight into married couple's experiences of their wedding day! So after each debrief/reflection call, I will share with you some of the wedding tips I get from the married couple.

Great Ocean Road Marriage Celebrant Great Ocean Road Weddings Warrnambool Marriage Celebrant Warrnambool Weddings Marriage Celebrant Kim Lynn Wedding Tips

On 5.11.21 Celebrations with Kim Lynn married Brydie & Will at Sandy Beach, Childers Cove. We celebrated collective strengths, joy & marriage! Brydie & Will shared some of the following wedding tips with me:

1. Allocate a point of contact

So that you are not receiving endless phone calls on your wedding day from guests asking about directions, plans, weather, what to wear etc. delegate the role of a "main point of contact". By giving this responsibility to someone, you have a coordinator in place that can take care of all the things you don't want to be worrying about on your wedding day! This is also a great way of making certain guests feel more involved in your celebration!

2. Have some down time the night before

Brydie booked herself in at Port Central Apartments in Port Campbell the night before the wedding day, explaining that this "forced her to stop, gave her time to write her vows whilst pampering herself with face masks!".

3. Have breakfast with your guests the next morning

Will said that this gave them the chance to recap & debrief the day with their guests. It also positively prolongs the celebrations & gives you time to properly catch up with everyone. Brydie & Will shared a delicious breakfast with friends & family at Schultz Organic Creamery & Cafe, Timboon where the food was "incredible & high quality". It offers a beautiful space amongst gardens & flowers.

4. Save some of your wedding cake!!

On their one week wedding anniversary, Brydie & Will shared a slice of the

Table Top Treats Wedding Cakes Great Ocean Road Weddings Great Ocean Road Marriage Celebrant Warrnmabool Weddings Warrnambool Marriage Celebrant Marriage Celebrant Kim Lynn

ir leftover wedding cake! Brydie said she saved enough to have a celebratory slice for their 1 month & 1 year anniversary! So, ask your venue managers/caterers to put aside a couple of slices for you to take home so you can indulge on your anniversaries. Their wedding cake was baked & shaked together by Ruth at Table Top Treats who used native flowers from her garden to decorate the cake so beautifully & in line with the wedding vibe and style.

5. Organise a wedding planner for the bigger weddings!

Whilst Brydie & Will had a microwedding, they said they totally understand why people pay for wedding planners for bigger weddings/events. It just eliminates all the unnecessary stress and allows you to ultimately focus on the most important part of getting married & being truly & consciously present in your celebrations.

Great Ocean Road Marriage Celebrant Great Ocean Road Weddings Warrnambool Marriage Celebrant Warrnambool Weddings Marriage Celebrant Kim Lynn Wedding Tips

Will has so generously offered that if there are any couples needing some advice around planning their wedding, they can call him! Will just loves love! Brydie & Will had a super laid back microwedding at the beach - they actually planned it in 3 weeks & it was AMAZING!!

Need some more tips & advice from married couples such as Will? Get in touch with me on 0423062413 and I will connect you xxx

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