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Wedding TRENDS!

Last week I got interviewed by the Warrnambool Standard newspaper again, as they were interested in understanding what is happening in the wedding world now that restrictions have eased.


The article gives a great summary of some of the wedding trends & patterns. But if you are interested in a more in depth summary of what I had to say, continue reading!

Some of the questions they asked me & my very detailed responses:

Q: Have you had a number of enquiries from couples wanting to lock in a date for their wedding after Premier Daniel Andrews announced restrictions would ease?

On the day the restrictions were due to ease, I got 4 bookings (2 for 2022 & 2 for 2023). There has been a real sense of momentum with people making plans again; it seems everyone is hopeful, confident & excited.

Q: Have couples who had been forced to postpone their big day now locked in a date? Yes! I am marrying a couple this Friday 5/11/21, and this is their third attempt! They planned on having their wedding in Tasmania, however due to the interstate travel ban, this is still not possible. For them, they just wanted to be married & that was their priority. So they eventually embraced what was going on & made plans that allowed them to achieve their ultimate goal of getting married to each other. Many celebrants are facing some challenges with juggling all the "backlog" & some are referring more on than taking new bookings. Similarly, couples are finding it really difficult to find availability in particular with venues. One of my couples who are getting married next year in Camperdown, said it took them 7 venues until they found a place that was available on their date! Excitingly though, as a result of all of this, many new venues have popped up. Many businesses have seen the potential in this time! It is great, because whilst there is a shortage of availability, it has meant a lot of businesses have diversified in what they offer & new fresh venues are becoming available.

Q: Is there a popular time most people want to get married?

Generally, the most popular time is 3pm on Saturday. However, I am seeing a lot of variation in the times of day, fluctuating between 1 - 5pm. I have however also received a lot of bookings for a Friday, which has been a surprise! And the best one yet is a couple who have booked Tuesday 22.2.22. The bride said:

- It reads the same backwards as forwards!

- All the twos are good luck

- We’re the perfect pair (and two is a pairing number)

- 2.22.22 falls on a It fell on Two’sday, and we love the cheesiness in that!! I love when couples have really thought about their day in such a meaningful way & are planning with purposeful intent & awareness around what it all means to them.

12.2.22 is also a really popular day that couples want to get married on & I know some couples are struggling to find an available celebrant!

Q: What type of wedding ceremonies and receptions are people opting for?

I find that there has been a real shift towards more personalised & meaningful weddings ceremonies. As I always say "wedding ceremonies have truly revolutionized!" and couples are really embracing the utter freedom they have with creating their very own personalised ceremony. They love this! I really encourage couples to take advantage of this freedom as the options are endless and there are no rules! And it is SO important that the ceremony represents who the couple are so that they can relate to the ceremony and resonate with the words that are being spoken! I advocate for what they want & as a celebrant align myself with their visions because at the end of the day, it is about THEM. And I think more and more couples are feeling more comfortable with making their day about THEM and not fulfilling anyone else's expectations or following some notions of tradition that mean nothing to them!

The majority of couples have request a fun, humorous, light hearted, casual ceremony with the vibe being laid back & not too serious. Many ask for jokes & don't mind a few swear words as well! Some couples even ask for less scripted ceremonies and some improvisation! There has also been a shift away from traditions such as "bride being given away" and even the wording is changing. For example, "you may now kiss the bride" is something a lot of couples want changed! So there is a lot more awareness around gender equality and "traditions" are being modernised!

Most commonly, people wish to have their ceremony outside, with the reception followed at an indoors venue.

There has been an increase in more "micro" style weddings, where there is a guest count of under 50 people. This more intimate style of wedding includes family & closest friends.

There has also been an increase in elopements, which generally includes the couple + any of their kids, celebrant, photographer & 2 witnesses + maybe 1 or 2 guests. This is really the easiest way to plan a wedding as there is hardly any planning involved and they can have the ceremony anywhere, anytime! I think there is also a level of comfort with planning this type of marriage ceremony as it's "safe" in the current circumstances of COVID & all the restrictions.

As a result of this increase in elopements, I have actually recently just launched WEDDINGS IN THE SKY ! This package has come about as a result of a collaboration between people who have collectively come together to create an inspiring momentous celebration which in this ever-changing environment supports the shift of having more micro & intimate celebrations. The package includes: 1 hour scenic helicopter flight with 12 Apostles Helicopters (can seat up to 7 people); myself as the authorised marriage celebrant; 1 hour wedding photography package with Chloe from Milkchic Creative & 3 nights luxury accommodation at Anchors Port Campbell with local produce hamper. WEDDINGS IN THE SKY is also something totally new & different and couples are really looking for something that stands out and is memorable.

Q: Are people concerned and the restrictions regarding guests needing to be double vaccinated?I have seen how the double vaccination requirement has caused a lot of tension & separation within families resulting in family members not attending weddings. This has been really heartbreaking to see & hear about. It has also caused additional "stress" as more organising is needed. It has also left Celebrants in a difficult position as it remains unclear as to who is responsible for checking vaccination certificates if the wedding ceremony is held at a public space such as a beach/park etc. It also makes it quite unrealistic to expect a celebrant to check 100+ vaccine certificates & changes the dynamic of the whole event. I have recommended that couples employ a "vaccine marshall" who supports checking certificates. But best is when couples request the certificates prior to the wedding day as this means that none of this becomes the focus on their big day!

At the moment, if the vaccination status is "unknown" weddings outdoors can have 30 guests. As with most guidelines, this is very vague & grey, and if guests have chosen not to vaccinate but still wish to attend the wedding they could just not provide the information to the couple & then still be able to attend!!!

Do any of these wedding trends surprise you?

What questions do you still have about wedding trends?

If you are still wondering about something in particular, I would love to receive your questions and share with you my knowledge & passion. I love curiosity and believe that our desire to know more will create endless experiences.

For now, with smiles & excitement for your celebration xxx

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