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What is an ELOPEMENT?

Traditionally & historically, an "elopement" is where a couple secretly run or fly off to get married somewhere exotic. Elopements have often been portrayed as spur-of-the-moment & quite exclusive to the couple. But... given the ephemeral nature of a lot of things within our society, the definition of elopement too has transitioned. Elopements are no longer "escape weddings" but instead have become a more personal and intimate moment celebrated with a few witnesses! With the main focus of elopements being on the intimacy of the occasion, ceremony structures become more fluid, traditions are less emphasised, time restrictions become more timeless & ceremony venues are not a thing and there are no bells & whistles! Elopements are framed by simplicity, minimalism, casualness & intimacy. Sometimes secrecy as well, but social media often puts an expiry date on this!

Unlike a wedding that is a public event shared with your whole tribe plus some more & where you are hosting, an elopement is a private occasion where you personally know everyone and you as the couple are being hosted. If you aren't much of a planner, then elopements may just interest you. Elopements generally just happen in the moment. You give your selected guests a date, time & location and the rest just happens organically.

Celebrations with Kim Lynn LOVES doing elopements & living on the Great Ocean Road as a marriage celebrant means there are endless locations that I can share with you that will encircle your intimate elopement with connectivity, groundedness and realness.

You are now probably wondering, so what's the difference between an elopement & micro wedding? I will definitely tell you more soon!

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Mathew Joiner
Mathew Joiner
Oct 20, 2021

Your words are tingling my inspiration beans

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