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What's the difference between a Micro Wedding & Elopement?

Celebrations with Kim Lynn, receives a lot of enquiries with something along the lines of "my partner & I are having an elopement at the beach with 20 guests". I kindly inform the couple that this would be called a micro-wedding. Really though, at the end of the day, it doesn't actually matter what you call the day you get married; be it minimony, wedding, party, celebration, elopement or micro wedding. These are all just lyrical labels we have attributed to an occasion. What really matters is that on that day you are getting married to the person you have chosen. Weddings are not as important as marriages.

Number of Guests

Whilst I as a marriage celebrant, don't base my fees on the number of guests, knowing how many people will be at the ceremony does influence the format/structure of the script & level of planning & organising.

Micro-weddings are smaller-scale celebrations that usually have a guest list under 50 people.

With elopements (as mentioned in my previous blog post) there are a very minimal number of guests attending; usually it's just the couple, their witnesses, the celebrant & the photographer + maybe 1 or 2 family members.

Great Ocean Road Marriage Celebrant Warrnmabool 12 Apostles Elopement Micro wedding

Scripts & Ceremony

Scripts for elopements are generally a lot more casual & less structured. The proceedings evolve more in the moment & the delivery is less scripted and is often driven through conversation with the attending people. The main focus is on the eloping couple exchanging their personal vows. Elopements do not follow a set format.

Elopement micro wedding great ocean road marriage celebrant warrnmabool weddings

With micro-weddings, whilst they can still be very casual, they do tend to follow some sort of format & formalities. The content of the ceremony is being "presented" to a larger number of people and therefore, there needs to be some order & fluidity. Often a reception will follow a micro-wedding, with speeches, cake cutting, first dance & other monumental moments. Generally, these do not happen at elopements.


Elopements have a casual, loose timeline and are normally between 3-4 hours. There aren't really any official time schedules, other than your hair/make up & ceremony start time.

Micro-Weddings on the other hand, include a lot more vendors/suppliers like catering, musicians etc. so understandably there is more need for a schedule & timing. BUT, you can still have a casual vibe at a micro wedding even with timelines!


Elopements can literally happen anywhere & anytime. While you might need permits to get married in places like a National Park, you don't have to book a venue as such! Given that you won't be setting up with all of the bells & whistles there is so much freedom in the space you choose to get eloped in.

For micro-weddings, you can still get married anywhere & anytime, but it is likely you will need a more definitive wedding venue or space that allows for small gatherings and set ups including chairs, altars, decorations etc. Or, at least a venue for the reception afterwards.

Micro wedding elopement great ocean road marriage celebrant warrnambool civil celebrant weddings

Celebrations with Kim Lynn will facilitate any kind of adventure & celebration that you can dream up. All you need is a celebrant who is flexible & ready to align the celebration to your values, needs & wants. Marriage Celebrant Kim Lynn is genuinely invested in bringing your ceremony visions to life whether it is an elopement or micro wedding! ANYTHING. ANYWHERE. ANYTIME. GIVE ME A CALL and we can chat about exactly what you would like for your wedding day!! xx

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